21st May 2018


I’m Kathy Weston academic, motivational speaker, wife and mother to two boys.


Combining my passion for parenting with my extensive academic expertise, I am committed to giving parents the practical tools they need to help their children flourish.

I firmly believe in an evidence-based approach to parenting; in this way you are getting the very best information and can have confidence in the tips you apply at home.

Our children have significant challenges to overcome as they strive to reach their potential. My aim is to empower you, so that the parenting journey becomes easier and more rewarding.

I am thrilled to have already helped countless parents, families and young people and look forward to reaching a larger audience through my resource bank – Tooled Up Education. Tooled Up Education is a school membership site where parents enjoy 24/7 access to my tips.

My credentials

My doctorate in criminology from the University of Cambridge gives me a unique insight into psychology and sociology, all of which underpin my work in parenting and behavioural change. Nine years as a research fellow in education has also developed my interest in parental engagement and its impact on children’s lives; in terms of their ability to progress academically and when it comes to their emotional wellbeing.

I’ve spent over half a decade co-producing a weekly radio show for parents on Radio Verulam 92.6FM, where I have been lucky enough to interview some of the biggest names in the world of education and parenting.

I am a published author, writer and regular speaker in schools and at conferences and educational events across the UK.

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