13th September 2017


For Parents:

How to help your child succeed at primary school
How to help your child succeed at secondary school
How to raise a resilient child
How to raise a socially confident child
Well-being and learning: what parents need to know
What makes a brilliant Dad: an evidence-based approach
The Power of parental engagement to transform learning
Screen-time: a guide for parents
The power of family talk
Small Tweaks, big Changes: how parents can boost children’s learning
Transition from primary to secondary school: tips for parents
Getting your child school-ready: tips for parents

Continuing Professional Development Talks for Teachers:

Building effective partnerships with parents: a how to guide
The role of language in engaging parents
The power of parental engagement to transform learning: a look at the evidence
Creating alignment between parents and school: a step-to step guide
Managing transition sensibly and effectively: practical tips for teachers
Creating a parent-friendly curriculum that enables children to thrive
The bus-stop approach to school leadership

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